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Teya Kepila

Holistic Health Coach &


Hi! I am Teya - a certified Holistic Health Coach specializing in plant-based nutrition, wellness & life coach, nature lover, animal rights advocate, essential oils specialist, sustainable lifestyle striver, plant-based chef, student of energy, life enthusiast, and loads more:)


I practice health coaching and ceramics here in New York City. As I use clay as my medium it resonates deeply with me and my Indian roots. Clay is so unpredictable and thats why I love it. Similar to clay, we have the power to create and mold healthy habits into our daily life. I am a firm believer of intentional mindful living. Each day is a blessing and an opportunity to rise again and love the miracle of life even deeper. 


I created The Turmeric Times when I was in one of my pits of imbalance. Notice I said ‘one of’ because in life, we fluctuate and evolve constantly. We will have times of prime alignment and times of challange and growth. That is the beauty of this experience. Sometimes things worked for us at one point and we out grew it in which keeping it around would be a detriment to the most current version of us. I want to normalize the flow of life and highlight how beautiful our journey is. I was feeling low energetically. Little stimulation that brought creativity, happiness, social life, career, self love, self care, or nourishment. It all was either crumbling or stagnant. One day I decided to take the leap and try to do one single thing that I felt good about that day. Just one!

I started with water. Easy, gentle, and very powerful. My intention was drinking more water and being mindful about how I drank it. I even got to understand why I was drinking more and had that drive me to keep the habit. Instead of integrating a habit I thought will be good, I got to grow a connection to it and found energetic weight as to why it had a place in my life.  That soon rippled into mindful eating, quitting my job, traveling, taking chances in a relationship, fulfilling therapy, moving my body regularly, getting clear with my passion, starting a business, and soon sharing my journey with you. One day after the next I developed a new love for parts of me I never let exist. I trusted my body to receive the message of love and health. It received them and showed me the capability I have to thrive. I learned to love my body, my mind, and my life as I lived the energy I wanted. 


The Turmeric Times translates into the healing era or the time of healing. Turmeric is deep and rich in healing powers and I wanted to reciprocate that power to the one you have within you. We each have vibrant love that deserves to glow and glaze over your heart, mind, and body as well as ripple out to others. Healing is an individual journey. No diet, pill, supplement, leader, etc will ever heal you. It is the collective of the thoughts you think, food you eat, food you absorb through people places and life that make up who you are and who you can transform into. 


I invite you into a sacred space to dive deep into your personal healing journey. You deserve health. You have come a long way on this journey and reaching out for guidance and support is vital. We have individual journeys but we are here in this life together. Know that your energy and presence matters. Everything you have been through has lead to this moment and the power resides in you. The little things will always count as part of your big plan. It is an honor to stride, climb, and walk through this journey of life with you. 


I am here for you.

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