rainbow bowl

eat the rainbow!🌱🌈_never underestimate

-bed of greens (kale, spinach, spring mix)

-alfalfa sprouts

-sautéed broccoli

-sautéed mushrooms in olive oil and balsamic vinegar 

-sunflower seeds

-hemp seeds

-pumpkin seeds

-rainbow carrots





ultimate salad


-2 leafy green romaine heads

-1 avocado 

-sautéed broccoli

-1 baked yam *diced 

       (450 degrees F  for 25 min until soft and charred coating)

-1 handful of sunflower seeds

-1 handful of pumpkin seeds

-1 tbsp minced cilantro 

-1 tbsp hemp seeds 


- 1/4 raw yellow onion

-1 generous bunch of cilantro 

-1 lime worth of juice

-1/4 cup soaked cashews

-1 pinch of garlic salt