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The Power of Breath

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

The minute we emerge out of our mothers womb, we take breath for granted. This is something common in us all. We learn later in life that breath is sacred and how it could be used to ground ourselves in times of chaos.

Breath is something we were born with and is an involuntary action. Nowadays, we breathe to mandalas, numbers, and guides. We are constantly trying to learn how to breathe again. Our breath is much more powerful than most believe. The art of exhaling all that is past, all that is unwanted, all that must be let go, and inhaling all you dream, all you manifest, all that you are is the most beautiful action a being with lungs can do. We shower our plant supporters with our breath, and they shower us back with more air to breathe. We use our breath to make wishes blowing an eyelash off of our finger or candles off of a cake. We use our breath in times of pain, passion, or anger as we huff and puff, vigorously breathing on the exhale. We use our breath to communicate comfort with a whole sigh. We use our breath to rejuvenate our cells when we move our bodies. Breath is something so powerful, so magical, and so unique. Today, and everyday, take a moment to acknowledge your breath dancing to the rhythm your beating heart plays. 


  1. Taking deep breaths sporadically throughout the day

  2. Consciously breathe in what you want and out what you don't

  3. Speak your gratitude

  4. Repeat



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