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How Important is Exercise? Making a Habit

Updated: May 17, 2020

We all have a personal goal about the physical appearance of our bodies. This goal is what drives us to eat, move, and practice healthy ways. Often times the practice of exercise gets buried in all of life's layers. You are important. That is why exercising is so important. The art of moving your physical body and utilizing muscles in both strength and flexibility is the proof we are able and alive.

Gifting our bodies the time and space to move grants us longevity and health. This practice does not have to be a vigorous strenuous moment. Moving your body can be stretching, walking, jogging, lifting, pulling, bending, pressing, grabbing, pushing, jumping, dancing, or balancing. No one movement is right or wrong. The art of moving your body can be portrayed as therapy, meditation, blowing off steam, me time, work out, etc. No matter what you call this art you are fully capable of moving your body by dedicating time to do so.

Why is exercise so important? Blood is sent to areas of the body to rejuvenate the cells and promote circulation to the areas allowing muscles to build, strengthen, and last. Humans age everyday. Everyday is another day we can promote our health and our existence by spending time in a space we can move our bodies.

Making this a habit is easier said than done just as anything might seem at first.

1.) Create a goal (no limitations)

2.) Schedule time and realistically see where you know you can dedicate time

3.) Right down your "whys" and put them in a place you will see them

4.) Harmonize your goal, the time, and your why to put it to action

5.) Take note of how you felt the first time. Was it hard? Was it easy? Want to do it again?

6.) Restart

Sometimes our goal gets burned out, or our available time changes, or even our "whys" are fading. It is important to keep all of these in prime reason to promote this healthy flowing lifestyle.

Personally, my goal is to feel from the deepest part within me that I am fit and healthy. Meaning when I breathe in I want to feel the breath. Or when I am laying down, I want to feel my belly drop to the base of my spine. I want to feel adaptable and functioning. I want to digest my food fully and not bloat. I want to trust that my movements will sustain my energy and help my lifespan prolong.

Every human was given this life on this earth. We have eyes for seeing, teeth for eating, fingers for touching, and bodies for moving. We were meant to spend time with ourselves and move. Utilize your powers and move!

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