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How to Get Anything You Want - Manifestation

Wondering how this is even remotely possible? Want a billion things and have no idea where to begin to get them? Whether it be health, love, money, travel, empowerment, an item, or anything else, you have the power to have it, do it, and live it.

You, me, this device you are reading this on, are all energy. Everything we come to know is made up of trillions of molecules of energy. We roam earth blinded of this component that once applied a little practice to could change our life. Energy is magnetic and transfers to where it is called. Happiness comes when you make it an affirmation to be happy. Meaning, once said aloud, in the form of energy, you are speaking a version of energy to attract.

Sounds complicated. Simply put, speak it, do it, live it, and it will come.

If you are wanting anything in life, start practicing its energy.

1. Gratitude

You must believe you can and will achieve this. You can practice this by speaking it allowed "I will..." or "I am..."

Fire yourself up for this journey of manifesting. Fill your heart with love, patience, and gratitude. Count your blessings and what you currently possess first. This often gets forgotten that what was have is all we need. Not to say whatever you are wanting is not necessary. It is! We are humans that develop lives with wants and needs desires and dreams. It is in our nature to want things. First, we have to give thanks to our present state. What do you have? Health? Go deeper. Your senses hear taste touch smell and see, a beating heart, a creative healthy brain, strong arms and legs, skin, etc. What about money? Everyone wants money. Thats the number one wish amongst all humans. However it is not money they are seeking. It is support. Stability. You can find this within yourself.

Either aloud, in your head, or both, always practice gratitude. Ground yourself with the present moment in what you already have. Develop a loving relationship with yourself and seeing the beauty within you.

2. Practice

Get extremely specific about your desires. Down to every detail. Write this down. Say it aloud. Every morning read what you wrote. Make this a prayer or a song. You are of course aloud to reword your verse and make it more in tune with what you want.

Envision yourself living it. See yourself healthy and happy. Become that reality you so badly want because you CAN do it. Emphasize the thing you want to a point where you set it as your screen saver, write it down everyday and believe it will happen.

3. Action

What can you do right now to bring you one step closer? You have already spoke it into the energetic universe that is being drawn in toward you as you read this and just think about the desire. Action, however, is a whole other magnet. Remember, everything happens for a reason, go with the flow, when you change the weight of your boat it will go in a different direction, do not be afraid to let go. One action you can take is by letting go. Taking health for an example, eating is a direct way to affect it. Changing nutrition by letting go of traditional habits and breaking free of any toxic comfort food we have will set us free and bring us into the direction of good health. Health is already there but being destroyed and diluted by the obsessiveness of habits and stubbornness of our ways. Let go and you will be free. It is a whole lot easier said than done but it is doable. You know eating right consists of certain elements such as whole foods like fruits and veggies. Taking the time and effort to integrate this change will bring you even closer to health. Another action toward health would be exercise. With whatever type of desire you have find every action-driven element and see what you can do. Find comfort in discomfort. Manifesting is not a passive practice. You have a powerful force by stimulating the right energy. Use it! Feel it! Embrace it.

4. Date it

Mark a date on the calendar that you can know for sure you will have it. Maybe mark dates leading up to that one that can track your progress of where you want to be.


February 1st - Cut out all processed oily foods

February 15th- Clean out my kitchen

February 25th- Announce my commitment to whole foods

March 1st- Cook with a new vegetable

5. Give it a Push

Speaking it, writing it, dream it, take action, and now share it. Do not be ashamed to tell your friends and family of this reality. If you believe it and are putting in the energetic work to attain it, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Seek proper support. Find those who empower you on this journey and maybe they do it with you! Steer clear of discouragement even if that is meaningful contributors such as family. Respect them and keep the love and excitement of your journey within you and your strong pillars.

Another way to share it is on social media. Hold yourself accountable and be your own boss. Sometimes, we need a push, a slight fire under our butts to get us going. This is an excellent way to bring up that action and make the dream into a reality. You will inspire other along the way.

What are you waiting for? GO!



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