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How to Practice a Body Scan Meditation | 5-10 Minutes

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

If you want to fulfill your body's powers by meditation but felt yourself struggling because of the discipline it takes to think of nothing while you feel zen. I get it! Here you can learn to use your breath and powers to scan your body and shift energy right where you are.  1.) Find a safe spot. Get comfortable either sitting or laying down in a safe quiet space.  2.) Softly close your eyes. Find your eye lids laying on the lower lash line gently. Do not force your eyes shut. Simply when you are ready allow them to relax. 3.) Take 5 cleansing breaths. These are imperfect and releasing breaths to cleans the body and mind of any prior thoughts or movements.  4.) Scan the body. When you are ready, start from your toes. Only think about your toes. It is important not to move during this practice. Only breath and energy is allowed to move. Breathe healing loving light into the toes and rank them 1-5 being unhealthy, uncomfortable, in pain etc. If a body part is in any discomfort or unease then breathe in the current state its in. Release the pain with your breath. Inhale health, support, and comfort.  Continue this throughout the whole body inching your way up from the toes to the top of the head. After,  you will feel yourself glazed with attention and love. You will know that energy shifting works because you have the power to shift it.  5.) Let the power last and remember this tool. You always have your body with you and your mind conveniently comes with it. You are allowed this practice wherever you go.

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