Protect Yourself- Energy Practice

You are a beating, moving, sensitive, body of flesh and emotions. You need protection from elements of the world that might develop fears within you. There is a world out there with lots you could be scared of, however, you do not need to be. This is a practice I use in times I feel scared, alone, or in need of protection.

Sit in the space you are in currently. Close your eyes or leave them calmly blinking however just focus your attention on you. How are you sitting or standing. What muscles are relaxed and which are clenched. How is your breathing. Breathe deeply and slow down. Envision a light. What color is it? The color you have is what you will use as comfort.

Feel this light within your heart. Feel your heart beating this beautiful, healing, and safe light. This is your light. Allow it to flow where it goes. Bring it back to the heart center when you are ready. With your