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Self Date Ideas - Love Yourself First

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

We go on in life loving to love others when we have not even taken a moment to love ourselves. This practice is allowing trust, balance, and growth to occur. Below there is a list of things I personally practice almost every single day that grounds me and leaves me feeling upbeat, inspired, grateful, healthy, beautiful, and full of love.


Even if you feel lost or uninspired. Dig deeper and sense out what colors or brushes stimulate you and draw your attention.

Playing an instrument

I bought a Ukulele a while back and I always goof off on it. It is such a release and way to translate what my inner energy is trying to project. It gets my musical side going and sparks creativity. Usually a great way to state how I am feeling inside.


write what you feel now. Embrace what your hand is translating from your brain.


Release tension in those chakras! Move your hips, head, neck down to the toes. Feel the release. It feels silly at first, however, I assure you with some good tunes that get you in the groove.

Take a class

Learn something new in a class. Gym, ceramics, yoga, meditation, anything new!

Go for a jog

Run, jog, sprint and use that energy you need to get out! Seeing new things outside and breathing in fresh air acts as a cleanse and self love to give yourself the space and time to be with your thoughts.

Stroll around the neighborhood

The neighbor hood is filled with other people and who knows what could happen. Observe and maybe walk down a new street. Again, being outside will provide a safe space for you to be with yourself.


If you can cook or not, try to look up a recipe that you love and find comforting and just try to focus on making it. My favorite is a vegetable curry with whole grain brown rice. Basically take any veggie you want plus the essential onion and garlic.

Sauté the onion and garlic together

After caramelized, toss in chopped veggies of your liking (I like kale, tofu, tomato, bell pepper, sweet corn, potato, cauliflower or broccoli! any combination of those are seriously delicious)

Then add in your spices - Turmeric, salt, curry powder, coriander, and masala powder

Dump 1 can of coconut milk in and mix together

Allow the veggies, coconut milk, and spices harmonize together

During all this make sure to start boiling the rice so its all ready and hot when you are done!

Add some avocado for a cool creamy topping


Swim in the ocean

Get salty and feel refreshed with a nice swim in the water. Be present.


Organizing helps to declutter and can be extremely rewarding if you really sort through the items that are weighing you down. I personally declutter every week and make it a habit to get rid of things that serve me no purpose. Not only will organizing be beneficial to your decluttering skills but this is also making room for other things in your life for love and health.

People watch

It's not strange as long as you do not stare. Take the time to sit on a bench or a window seat in a cafe and watch the many millions of personalities walk by. Observe their clothes, hair, body language, etc. Lots of times we spend in our phones, books, computers, or things in our lives and not much just looking up and seeing who is out there walking and living around us.


Take out a blanket, yoga mat, or carpet and sit. Safely bend and hold while you breathe. Movement is key for a healthy body. Make sure to take the time to acknowledge your body's beautiful ability to move. Stretching is not vigorous and therefore can be a moment for you to breathe deeply and let go.

Shower or bathe with essential oils

Jake a moment to select a fragrance for your bath. There are healing benefits for each individual scent. Lavender is known to relax and calm the mind and muscles.


Getting cuddly in a little nook with a good book can be the most relaxing and rewarding thing. Fiction or not, it's always lovely to escape through words.


Help out others to complete a project. Many need your help.

Watch a feel-good film

Sometimes there are those movie I never get sick of watching and once I rewatch it I remember how good it makes me feel. It is a relaxing way to sit back, relax, and be with yourself.

Water plants

Depending on if you have plants or pets talk to them and water them! Spend some time dusting off their leaves and maybe adjusting their pot or position. These fragile creatures need love too!

Donate/ sort/ sell unused clothing

Putting a pile together to give or sell to someone else is a wonderful way to promote sustainability and all the while providing a new treasure for someone else. A very feel-good deed to do as well as cleansing and clearing unwanted clothing.


Simply breathe.


Sit in a safe space, close your eyes, and breathe. Use this exercise to enhance your dreams and wishes to come to reality. Manifesting is an easy way to form the life you want to live by attracting the right energy. Breathe in and out for 5-10 breaths to regulate yourself and settle in. Once you feel ready, inhale deeply, and consciously with intention, exhale everything you wish to let go of. Now inhale all you wish to come and envision yourself actually doing or having those things. Use this as a way to craft energy where it is needed. Or view my manifestation blog for more info and guidance!

Create a vision board

Print out photos, write in funky handwriting, get clear about your visions. Make it come to life on a board that you can look at every single day!

Sing aloud

Activate your throat chakra and let it out.

Dress up

Dress to impress YOURSELF! Wear your favorite outfit or something that makes you happy. It is proven that many who dress in the attire they prefer actually feel and perform better during the day.

Go on a picnic

Something about packing up a meal and going on a picnic with grass and the trees and sun is so soothing and wholesome. I suggest lemon water in a glass jar with some fruit or even a simple veggie stir fry. Don't forget a book!

Plan a trip

Planning can excite you for the future and have you feeling active and social. Even a trip to have lunch down the block is a trip so it does not have to be an international flight to feel like you are making a plan.

Write a letter of love, kindness, and truth to yourself

Give some credit to yourself! What are your thoughts right now? When is the last time you told yourself "i love you"? When is the last time you were honest with yourself? Write something kind to yourself. You do not have to read it back to yourself in a mirror however keep it somewhere near so in times where you might feel otherwise, take it out and remind yourself how capable, worth it, and beautiful you are.

Drink water

Your body's majority is water. Nourish and hydrate yourself!

Rearrange a living space

A great way to bring in new energy in a familiar environment. Change up some furniture, condense or spread! New pillows? New rug? No rug? Change is good.


Religious or not, being able to wish and dream is a right. Send some good thoughts to one you love or one you might feel needs it the most.

Be still

Not doing anything at all is what you might need to be doing.

Try knitting

Such a relaxing hobby and soothes the soul.

Go for a drive

If you drive and can, taking a spin around town can be a relief. Drive somewhere special and just be for a moment.

Make flower crowns

If you have never made a flower crown, I highly suggest it. Therapeutic and creative. Makes for a beautiful photo.

Refill your fridge with whole plant foods

Cleanse out your fuel sanctuary with whole foods such as fruits vegetables and begin a total nourishment with plant power. Also a great opportunity to rid of any old or expired foods.

Listen to a podcast and take notes

There is too much to know out there! Anything you want, they have a podcast on it.

Watch a TED talk

Get inspired and motivated. Learn something new.

Establish independence

Whether it is buying a pack of lightbulbs or cleaning the house, try to establish a sense of ability in being independent. Stand up straight and feel empowered.

Seek out hobbies

When is the last time you practiced a hobby?

Write out all you are grateful for

This step is the most important one. State everything you are grateful for. Anything and everything. Write until your hand hurts. This list should be endless.



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