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Spiritual Eating | Food Relationships

Updated: May 17, 2020

Your food is the most neglected part of your life. It is mindlessly set before you at the restaurant and you consume it without the thought of who prepared it and the energy they made it with.

Allow me to rewind.

Everything is energy. This device, your fingers, your food, etc. Energy is very sensitive. It goes where you decide to put it. There are different types of energy that causes you to fluctuate in mood, health, and longevity. We humans are so sensitive that everything from our environment, the people, to the food we eat all matters for the sake of our wellbeing (our energy). Our food carries vibrations and feeds our bodies not only nutrients but energy as well. Food is the source of our happiness and wellness. Nourishment goes beyond how yummy our food is. It matters where it came from, what it is, who prepared it etc.

When talking about spiritual eating its best to redefine what eating means to you.

Eating is intentional.

Eating is nourishment.

Eating is self love. Eating is strength.

Eating is health.

Eating is longevity.

Eating is sustainable.

Eating is a lifestyle.

Eating foods on purpose for nourishment and a from a point of self love will bring you to be the strongest, happiest, and healthiest version of yourself. It is a blessing to be able to eat with intention. Thank the availability you have to start a self care project of spiritual and conscious eating.

How you can practice this your next meal:

Know what you are eating. Every ingredient. This is big! I suggest always to make your own food at home. Lots of high vibrational foods like fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes, herbs, and spices. This sends your body the love it needs with the loads of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for optimal function. Spiritually, you are getting the energy from the earths soil and the light from the sun. You are absorbing the plants growth journey and the nourishment they have to give.

Low energy foods that cause depression, anxiety, and most health concerns are ingredients like processed oily foods, animal products, and artificial starches.

Feel the blessing

You are so fortunate to have food in front of you. Thank it! It's not silly. It's conscious.

If made from home, feel the blessing of the ability to choose what goes into your food and the energy that went into making it.

If made in a restaurant, and a happy chef made your food it would taste so delicious and vibrant. If made by an angry or upset chef you would in some way feel the energy. It is contagious.

You are blessed regardless. Feel it.

Ask yourself

Before eating, ask. What will this do for my body? How will this help my mood, energy, health, etc?

These are serious questions that get trumped by temporary satisfaction.

Remember you have the power!

Trust it is working

Disbelief and resistance is energy too. If you don't feel any different after one meal, understand that intention switches take a moment, maybe after the first or after 10 moments.

Follow the good energy flow.

A food mantra to follow:

"I am grateful for this food before me. I am intentionally nourishing my body with this food to give myself love, happiness, and health."

Happy healing!



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