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Transmuting Fear

Last night I leaked into my vulnerability. I crept into the compromising weakness of fear. I brought myself to a place of panic where all angles felt at fight or flight. I felt heavy in my heart and around my frontal face. Immense empathy built behind my eyes and left me dripping with fear.

Taking our usual adventures, Oscar and I went about our day living as we do and committing to the very fact of not caving into the paradigm of this global fear. Our traditional Whole Foods run was voluntarily placing myself in the epicenter of the quake. People fighting with strangers about hoarding common house hold products in bulk when there is plenty to go around. While others barked about the lines being so long. And some hustling through the sardine-packed store to shuffle to get the items they needed as if they were never going to be produced again. Personally, I have never experienced such a catastrophic apocalyptic response to a health crisis like this. I never watch the news or any channel of media network aside from Instagram. It might sound as if i shelter however i do for good reason. I know the sensitivity within myself to feel responsible for the events and eventually tear myself down. I give into the fear. I feed the sorrow and pain to myself and want the absolute best for those in situations less fortunate mine.

Allow me to start here. Expressing gratitude. I am grateful. I am blessed for this life of awareness and endless growth. I surrender to all i think and i know and remain raw as i continue to be. Gratitude spews out to my cherished partner, my sacred home, the nourishing plant foods, my beautiful network of loved ones, the resetting of the sun and moon, the intuition within me and my sensitivity to all. I am trusting of my body, gut, and immune system. All is beautiful and well in my infinite world.

Addressing Fear. This Is the hardest thing for me to do. I never like to shine the light on negative or depleting frequencies however in this case, as it is already harming me, i must face it. My fear lies within the mind of those scared then panicking and their actions trickling down to those unable to react the same way such as bulking up with items or wearing protective gear from this pandemic. Because this fear is cultivated by the current event of the virus, many of my fears are to do with surrounding society and their new vibrational planes. In the case of the grocery store, the vibrations were heavy and hard to translate into love. I find every angle of approach is necessary to explore before any thought should come to play. I understand the fear. I am scared to be scared and evolve into these behavioral actions that are a detriment to others. I am scared for the world to be on a love lock down as that is what we need most of in this moment. We humans are so sensitive, so vulnerable, and so trusting, it is in our nature to react and protect. I urge us to use our positive powers and activate the infinite protective shield around us as a whole. We as individuals carry a force of power within. Often times passed by with no activation or acknowledgment merely due to the fact that it is foreign land to explore. Conventionally reacting with common surface knowledge from media and others rather than listening within ourselves to trust and radiate love and light to others. Do you trust yourself enough to feel this frequency? How often would you say you have consciously converted fears (low frequency) into love (high frequency)? It is difficult to recollect however adding this practice could change lives.

My fear lingers in my mind wandering off into the abyss of fear and unknown.

My fear lingers in not doing what i should be doing according to society and media just because everyone around me is doing it.

My fear lingers with the forced switch in energy matching harmoniously a negative low vibrating frequency.

My fear lingers in the time this will take for love and trust to conquer.

My fear lingers in the very fact that i am writing my fears before you. My fear lingers in the judgement.

My fear lingers in the consumption media has over me.

My fear is ready to be talked to and faced.

I accept this fear. I am embracing myself for feeling these ways. I condemn myself for feeling brave enough to right this passage. I am crafting the gateway to my love. I am trusting this as apart of my journey in life to feel this fear and address it. Letting it come to the surface of my face as it leaks, my mind as it throbs, and my fingers as they type my growth into words. I am openly accepting this transition from fear into love. I say goodbye to my fears and watch them blossom into flowers of love.

My love looks like this. Practicing my gratitude simply aloud, in a journal, or to a loved one. Tapping into the little things again. Often times we inflate dominant frequencies leaving it difficult to see past it. Resume your attention to detail. Developing awareness for blessings. Accepting the birthright to feel a range of emotions and remembering to grab your power to realign into high frequency, back onto your infinite plane.

Getting into translation. Rip up a sheet of paper. Yell. Breathe. Write. Chug water. Stretch. Dance loosely. Sing. Run. Hug yourself. Talk it out. Move. Utilize the body for what its purpose serves. Release. Reset. Find your ground.

Own your frequency vortex. This is your plane. If you feel the frequency sinking and drowning from a gurgling pile of dismissed fear. Approach it. Talk to it. Heal. Transmute it to love.

Peace and be well,


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