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Updated: Feb 9, 2020

This trip to Greece with my boyfriend Oscar was the trip that initiated my zest for travel and manifestation. I never knew how powerful energy was until this trip.

A Chat Lead to Travel

Planning this trip was as effortless as it gets. No, neither of us have this money, however, both of us have the power of manifestation and love. Sounds so gushy but that is what got us from East Village, New York to Emporeio, Greece. Oscar and I having one of our regular dreamy conversations on the subway going uptown when we reminisced over all the things we have done together. We came to the conclusion that travel was not one of the things we shared as a couple and in that moment I casually asked him where he was thinking. He told me Greece and in that moment we were looking for tickets. Later that month they were booked. Now, you are probably thinking, "well yeah you have time and money". Nope, We did not have the money nor the time as we both live in a New York City shoe box with full time jobs in hospitality. I pay my bills with my paychecks and they pretty much equate to each other. However, just because I said I do not have money does not mean I am not rich. I am as rich as I can be with love, health, happiness, and gratitude. Wealth has nothing to do with finance. I am so madly in love that everything felt so simple.

Us at a little coffee and dessert shop in the heart of Emporeio, Greece.


During this time in our lives we had just bought ourselves two tickets to Greece. The way we paid for this was risking a $0.00 in our accounts for this trip of a lifetime. Our energy kept us floating high in the beautiful life we live. After the grand ticket purchase we spent our time researching, dreaming, and planning out this excursion we were about to embark upon. I painted what I believed to be Greece. Every night before we slept we would tell each other how grateful and excited we were for our travel together. On our days off, we randomly chose Islands to hop to and stay on to maximize our exposure and unanimously decided to stick to local islands. We planned on Ios, Paros, Mykonos, Thira, Emporeio, and Santorini. The months leading up to the trip were working hard and hyper-monitoring our spending. With each others company this felt like a breeze. Thankfully, he is all I ever need so coffee shop runs, dinners out, and little item buys where all unnecessary accessories like sprinkles or a decorative pillow. One thing I can say for certain is we both acclimated to bare minimal living. This might sound torturous but it felt so breezy and almost like a challenge we knew was temporary. Setting aside even just a couple minutes everyday of cultivating "Greece energy" in dreaming, journaling, or talking kept the energy and manifesting alive.


Traveling with the one you love brings an immense amount of trust and respect to the table. This step allows one another to fully understand how the other problems solves, listens, and reacts to situations that were least expected. Love binds everything. I can't begin to tell you how many times we got lost or our motor bike broke down or plans took a 180 yet we remained happy as can be. We loved the challenge and took the obstacles as they were apart of the adventure. Life happens and if you beam love and continue to practice love with the journey then everything will align as it should.

Savior Sandwich

My famous airline sandwiches were created in the beginning of this journey when we were not sure whether the flight would offer a healthy vegan option for us to grub on. Sustainable, vegan, healthy, and homemade. We loaded every veggie we had our hands on with some vegan mayo (they even had it in Greece), wrapped it with paper towel and then in a brown paper bag for preserving and BOOM! Requesting a vegan meal to be prepared on a flight is quite hard and risky so its just better to pack a massive feast thats plane-friendly for you to enjoy.

Vegan While Traveling

Remaining vegan was not even a question it was really just how accessible everything was and what lengths were needed in order to keep it a luxury. In Greece, their staples are olives, peppers, salad, and bread! Easy peasy. We stocked up on fruit and veggies at local markets or village stores and kept it throughout our travel. If we found bread (egg free) we would load up and pack picnics on daily adventures. I have learned that the US is the only place to stuff cheese and milk in everything. When I asked the kind Greek server if their stuffed potato had dairy he gave me a very confused look and laughed as he said "no!". It is safe to say that the last thing we did was starve. In Greece, there are so many wonderful fruits and veggies along with several naturally vegan traditional dishes that we loved.


Live big. Do it. Take action.

Live, do, speak, travel, love, explore, eat, get lost, feel, and fully indulge in everything as life is short. Our physical bodies are surely not our last of our existence but we have one chance at this life. Manifesting is a real practice to create the life and versions of success we want. Do not waste a moment. Live fully. Never think something is unattainable. Everyone has an equal shot. Money recycles itself, life does not.



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