"a lifestyle philosophy that intentionally protects the lives of innocent animals from being consumed, exploited, or used for entertainment by opting out of purchasing products that are of animals, tested on animals, or use animal byproducts all the while saving your body and the earth."   

my story:

I felt like I knew it all being a vegetarian for 5 years of my life.

Eating animals has never been a real appetizing offer to me so naturally, I did not pay any mind to consume it. I felt the protein and calcium everyone was so worried about was coming from dairy. I never liked milk and would slowly and quietly pour it down the drain when my dad was not looking. I worked at Sunlife Organics, an organic wellness and smoothie shop, for 3 years and was surface-level exposed to veganism but never dove into it. I felt it was extreme and because again, I knew it all. It wasn't until I moved across the country from California to New York and was told to watch a documentary that was bound to change my life where this journey began. As everyone does when they hear a movie will literally impact your real life mentality and behaviors, I said I would give it a go and added it to the list. I am always eager to learn, particularly anything pertaining to health.  Awe, disgust, anger, guilt, frustration, trauma, I could go on forever but I was left with my jaw dropped and a soaking wet dripping face of salty empathy. This documentary was called What the Health. I proceeded to then watch Cowspiracy, Farm to Fridge, and Earthlings. At this point, I was watching documentaries and researching material like mad. Everyday I was destined to learn and expose myself new information about plant-based lifestyles and the endless benefits from it. Flustered with information now being spewed out to me after I went digging for it. I had no idea this was happening. I had no idea at all! I felt so in the dark about all of this and wondered why no one showed me these things before. I never want another person to feel uninformed and as oblivious as I did. Everyone deserves to know. What you do with this information is your decision however it is so crucial we are equally told what is rightfully owed to us.

Long story short, I am here to give you light. Whether you knew it before or not, it is not too late to take the vow to optimal health, saving animals, and rescuing the world. What you put on your plate determines the health of yourself, the lives of the animals along with the other species with it, as well as this beautiful planet. Without those things, we would be nothing. Here is the list of resources that helped fully inform me to be motivated and join the movement with this lifestyle of peace, health, and love. Also, I have mentioned some podcasts, books, and influencers that have truly guided me in this journey and I encourage you to follow. Check them out! and remember we are all in this together!


-What the Health



-Farm to Fridge



-Rich Roll

~introducing James Aspey

-Angie Sadesghie

-Nutrition Rounds by Dr. Danielle Belardo

-No Meat Athlete Radio



-China Study

-Change of Heart


-James Aspey

-Dr. Angie Sadeghi

-Raw Boy

-Ed Winters

-Simon Howell