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Each piece is handcrafted with the intention of embracing character. Whether it be a cup, vase, or home item, they are all made to serve with the gentle reminder of loving the piece for its journey and how it represents the uniqueness in our day-to-day lives. Similar to how a human body comes with its own serving of characters, the pieces shared with you are here to encourage the practice of self-love. Signifying that those little moments to care for yourself, even if done imperfectly, shine through and show you the power within to create a love for everything around you. In society, we create habits to judge based on character and appearance rather than curiously opening the gates to what we have the potential to learn to love.  Each piece is handmade in very small batches making them the only of its kind in the world. Imperfections are expected as the clay goes through a series of experiences such as being molded by hand, fired in the kiln at different times, and glazed one by one. In many ways, ceramics is a craft that highlights and celebrates the wobble, discoloration, and asymmetry of the piece. I send each piece off to you with the idea that living a slower, more mindful, and more in-tune life can begin with a piece that brings you joy. 



The ceramics shared with you is made from food-safe, durable stoneware clay. Dishware pieces are dishwasher-safe and microwave safe. Being that the pieces are made by hand, the more gentle hand wash method ensures extra care and longevity. 

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