I am teya, a holistic health coach, ceramicist, and wellness enthusiast living in Brooklyn NY. Growing up, I indulged in art supplies to create paintings, jewelry, collages, and more. Little did I know that the most aligned medium would be clay. I find the functionality of clay to speak for the whole piece. With the balanced use of water, earth, wind, and fire a complete piece is born and made with an intention. As I continue to create I embody the imperfection clay tends to have and choose to accept the wobbles, dimples, and discoloration as it is all part of this journey we call life. during my time between creating I guide private sessions focused on personal health through a holistic lens. health is not one size fits all and in sessions, i honor the power of health that resides within us. just as clay needs to be worked from small minerals and rock with water to create something workable I do the same with my clients by starting small. together we learn to love the self through small habits in order to shift life positively. every day feels like a blessing to do this work. I am grateful to share it with you through social media, ceramic pieces, or private work.


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