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Teya Kepila, an artist and creative based in Brooklyn, passionately advocates for mindfulness through a holistic approach to living. Her mission is to inspire intentional living and a profound sense of gratitude by offering purposeful creations for a ritualistic use. Working primarily with clay, she blends the elements of the Earth to convey the transformative potential of small, positive habits in cultivating a more wholesome day-to-day experience.


Through her functional ceramic pieces and her presence on various social media platforms, Teya shares not only her artistry but also a message of awareness encompassing mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Within her online community, she strives to foster a safe haven where vulnerability is embraced by sharing openly about her personal journey with all relating forms of nourishment whether on or off the plate. 

In her collaborations with like-minded brands, Teya empowers individuals, whether near or far, to continue their journey toward intentional, peaceful living. Her influence extends beyond her art, serving as a guiding light for those seeking a more meaningful and harmonious way of life.

The ripple she hopes to create is mindfulness in all forms of nourishment and to present an approachability to the myriad of gentle steps one can take to forge a deeper connection with oneself.

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lets connect

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