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Teya Kepila is an artist and creative based in Brooklyn, New York. 


The Turmeric Times was created to advocate for a more holistic way of life by honoring the little habits that are routinely practiced for personal well-being. The ultimate mission is to inspire diverse and intentional living by offering ritualistic ceramics and community wellness experiences. Working primarily with clay, she blends the elements of the earth to convey the transformative potential of small, positive habits in cultivating a more wholesome day-to-day experience.


Through her functional ceramic pieces and her online presence, Teya shares not only her artistry but also a message of awareness encompassing mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Within the community, she strives to foster a safe and soothing space where vulnerability is embraced and there is light shined on nourishment both on and off the plate. 

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lets connect

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