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Welcome to a space of holistic healing through

mindfulness, intention, and nourishment

holistic health

Dive deep into holistic healing by identifying all areas of life on and off the plate. We are feeding ourselves through the words we speak, the people we are around, the environment we spend time in, the work we choose, and of course the food we eat. All areas of life are relevant and important elements to a balanced healthy life. 


Shop a mix of everyday pieces or symbolic sculpture vases to represent the imperfect beauty of life. Every piece has a beautiful balance of earth, air, water, and fire. Whichever form the piece is in, it came from a place of deep love and intention. Created with meaning to influence mindfulness in your life.  

i am teya

A 20-something-year-old entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, NY. I live with a heart that radiates love and kindness through intentional living. I empower young adults that struggle in finding unconditional love for themselves by guiding them through practices of mindfulness in food both on and off the plate. Along with being a Health Coach, I am also a ceramicist creating magical organically shaped pieces fit for daily use as a reminder of the beauty in life. When encouraging healing the mind and body through gentle steps, I hope to ignite the power within each of us to reclaim our health.

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