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the journey

discovery consult call
discovery document assessment
50-minute session *virtual*
mending food relationships
2-3 take-home suggestions
self-love practices
gut repair remedies
personalized grocery list
recommended superfoods
recipes - guidance
follow-up emails


My acne and bloating were so bad. My mental health was plummeting to an all-time low. I was not intending to see any fast results as I know healing takes time. With adjustments that I had no idea would actually make a difference, I learned so much about my body and the way food impacts health on a deep level. I now have the tools to tackle natural flare-ups with love and kindness while always understanding what those messages mean.



I had such an awful relationship with food from my childhood and upbringing. My family was so traditional in their ways and I felt stuck in the food and habits that were born in my culture. After a 6 month journey, I have a newfound relationship with the food for MY body and listening to what I actually need to be healthy for my body. The food I eat means so much to me now that I know what my body needs to thrive. 



Such a positive light that always motivates me wherever I am in my journey. I feel so safe and loved in anything I do toward my health. My favorite part was that ever session we celebrated small successes. Even if all I did one day was drink an extra glass of water. That support is so special to me. Thank you so much.



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