holistic health coaching

At the root of it, we are imperfectly beautiful beings with infinite potential for health. Many factors influence our well-being, such as food and exercise, however, special elements in our lives are also either elevating or depleting our health. The Turmeric Times is an era that defin the start of your health journey. Our journey begins from within. 


Health is crafted from the collective energy we give, receive, and formulate. The balance between work, creativity, social life, nutrition, movement, relationships, home life, and so much more make up the energy we are today.
Health goes beyond the plate.

In our health coaching journey together we will deepen the meaning of health and how all of these angles of life can be healing us rather than harm us. Due to our sensitive, vulnerable, and highly susceptible nature, most of what we know has either not worked or feels like a loophole in a never-ending search for results. The truth is that we hold the power of bio-individuality. A power of uniqueness means, that what might work for one might not work for the other. The fad diets, silver bullets, and harsh limitations we put on our bodies simply will never sustainably work.

In sessions together we create a safe space, to be honest with ourselves about the current events in our lives that feel depleting to our health. We bond our relationship with ourselves again and build the love we have for our mind, body, and spirit. Only until we trust the process, return home within ourselves, and align in our pure essence of life will health show up in the physical and mental body. We go deep into work using intention and love for the self. To love the self is to love others. To be intentional is to live in the present moment with meaning. We work to release the elements that no longer serve you. By allowing things to flow in and out we create peace and wellbeing in the body.


the journey

discovery consult call
discovery document assessment
50- minute zoom session
mending food relationships
2-3 take-home suggestions
self-love practices
gut repair remedies
personalized grocery list
recommended superfoods
recipes - guidance
follow-up emails

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My acne and bloating were so bad. My mental health was plummeting to an all-time low. I was not intending to see any fast results as I know healing takes time. With adjustments that I had no idea would actually make a difference, I learned so much about my body and the way food impacts health on a deep level. I now have the tools to tackle natural flare-ups with love and kindness while always understanding what those messages mean.



I had such an awful relationship with food from my childhood and upbringing. My family was so traditional in their ways and I felt stuck in the food and habits that were born in my culture. After a 6 month journey, I have a newfound relationship with the food for MY body and listening to what I actually need to be healthy for my body. The food I eat means so much to me now that I know what my body needs to thrive. 



Such a positive light that always motivates me wherever I am in my journey. I feel so safe and loved in anything I do toward my health. My favorite part was that ever session we celebrated small successes. Even if all I did one day was drink an extra glass of water. That support is so special to me. Thank you so much.



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